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Education and development play

The 3 groups

In all 3 of our groups  we work under the revised Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum covering the 7 areas of learning, with our ‘Key Person’ system in place, each member of staff is able to observe, plan for and assess the individual needs and interests of the children.

All of our practitioners hold a Level 3 qualification and all staff have been through the necessary checks through the ‘Disclosure and Barring Service' (DBS).

We hold open evenings twice a year where parents are able to meet with their child’s key person to share information about the child’s progress. This can also be done through separate appointments being made.


Lambs 0-2

Lambs play and education room
Bee mobile
boy pepping around corner
The Lambs section of the nursery cares for babies aged 4 months to 2 years.  We usually offer settling in sessions before your child starts and once they have started to develop a relationship with a significant adult they will be assigned to them as their Key Person. However, all Lambs Staff are responsible for caring for your child on a day to day basis.

We offer a variety of age appropriate toys, natural materials and provide messy play. We also have our own section in the garden that is safe and enclosed with plenty of outdoor toys to choose from.

Our staff to child ratio in the lambs is 1:3

Piglets 2-3

The Piglets are our 2-3 years olds, who enjoy activities in our pre-school room, it has easy access to the garden to enable free flow system from indoors to outdoors.

At this age the children are becoming more independent and are often ready for toilet training which we will support them with. It is also at this age where they start to develop their speech and language, we help support this with activities such as storytelling, to encourage their listening and attention.

Just like the lambs, there is a Key Person System in place to ensure all their needs are met.  This system means that all children’s individual needs and interests are observed and planned for.

The pre-school room offers the children a mixture of adult led, and child led play and prepares them for their time in the Calves group.

Our staff to child ratio in the piglets is 1:4

Calves 3-5

Large indoor activity area
Sandpit play
Coats and bags
The Calves group is for children aged 3 and 4 years, it is in this group that children are entitled to use their Government free funding.

The Calves spend their time in the pre-school room, and also from a purpose built ‘Lodge’ which is connected to our Forest School Woods.  Our adult to child ratio is 1:8.

Here the children have fantastic opportunities to explore the outdoor environment with daily forest school sessions being run.

During the child’s time as a Calve we will help them to develop the skills that will allow them to be ready for school, with activities such as early reading and writing. We also hold small phonic groups which provide the children with opportunities to learn and recognise different sounds and words.

We aim to promote British Values by allowing the children to vote for activities which they would like to do. Interests of the children are also brought in each day from home and shown and discussed during our ‘Circle Time’

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