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Thorne manor extra curricular Rugby Tots

Extra curricular

Rugby Tots

Our fun, structured play sessions take children on a journey of sporting imagination with engaging and energetic coaches supporting them every step of the way whilst teaching how to catch, pass, kick, run with the ball and play as part of a team.

Our motto is simple; "make it more fun". We do this by delivering our specifically designed programme for each age group with energy, enthusiasm and excitement. This creates an atmosphere in the class that is totally unique and engaging for parents and children alike.

Moo Music

Music is an essential part of every child’s development; the original Moo Music songs create a positive, uplifting, fun educational programme. Children will sing and build a repertoire of songs and dances and explore the different sounds that instruments make. The interactive sessions are planned to help children gain confidence and develop memory, language, personal and coordination skills in an exciting, multi-sensory way.  Moo Music gives children the freedom to be imaginative and express themselves creatively. Dancing, movement and actions develop gross motor skills and support physical development and health and self-care skills. Moo also helps children to gain confidence and build relationships therefore developing their personal social and emotional skills.

Children use their voices expressively and creatively by singing songs and speaking chants and rhymes, play untuned instruments musically, listen with concentration and understanding to a range of high-quality live and recorded music and experiment with, create, select and combine sounds using the inter-related dimensions of music.

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