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Thorne Manor Developments for 2020

Starting from 2020 we have some exciting new developments happening at Thorne Manor. 

The Pre-school will now be at the wooden lodge, which was previously used as the holiday club building. This is Thorne Manor Pre-school. With such a huge space indoors and outdoors and situated right next to the Woodlands it is perfect for those Pre-schoolers development and setting them up ready for school. This was the key idea behind the move, giving them there own space in order to prepare them for the school transition. We have transformed the lodge and, with more plans in place, we hope to create a classroom style room ideally equipped for those 3-5 Year Olds. 

This transition has created space within the nursery to expand our Lambs room. We have now a separate room which is has been transformed and equipped perfectly for those confident walkers and movers. 0-2 Years is such a vast area developmentally and so much can happen within this time and this extra room gives us an ideal place to split the lambs room and focus more on each individual childs learning and development. This will then create a much more cosy, warm room for our little babies and again concentrating more on the nurture and care for our little lambs. 

It is an exciting period for Thorne Manor Day Nursery and Pre-school and there is so much more on the horizon. 

For more information or for enquiries please do not hesitate to contact the setting. Our details can be found on the Homepage. 

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Jan 6, 2020

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